Forging the Dragon-slaying Sword: 120 KB Snatches in 6 minutes

The saga continues, and the dragon awaits. The “dragon” also being my Holy Grail; I can mix symbols and metaphors if I want to, can’t I? So long as it’s not a “Holy Dragon.”) Anyway, my dragon/grail is 200 kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes or less. And on Friday I took a step closer with 120 snatches in 6 minutes. Workout:

6-minute countdown:

10 kettlebell snatches – Left 10 kettlebell snatches – Right

That meant that every minute, when the clock read double-zeros, I did ten snatches with my left side, then switched to the right and did the same thing. Each round represented about 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.

I need to maintain that pace for four additional minutes if I’m going to do 200 in 10 minutes. Right now, that dragon looks awfully big. After my six minutes – during which I felt really great – I wanted to die. On the last round, my muscles were quaking and I didn’t think I had much left. I completed the set with good form, but it pushed me. I have total respect for the guys who have this dragon’s rotting carcass behind them.

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