WinCo Wednesday Prices {9/11/12} Great Organic Melon Prices & More!

Feeling more in the groove, now that school is back in session?  I am starting to get in a groove, but I think it will be another couple of weeks until it’s really flowing.  I am loving my time homeschooling the girls Monday and Friday, and then teaching them and now 14 students, music on T-Th at Evangel Classical School.

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I have listed below some selected “Extra Savings” prices (WinCo’s version of a sale), as seen in their “Wall of Values” and throughout the store along with some mostly healthier commonly consumed grocery items.  Unfortunately these prices are subject to change without notice, so these deals were valid Tuesday afternoon, 9/11/12, in the Marysville, WA area, and it will, at least, give you an idea of prices in your area.
EVERY time we go to the store we cast our votes.  Stores will stock the shelves with items WE buy.   The more we make better choices, the more we can make a positive change.

Here are a few of my favorite deals:

  • Rice, Brown Organic    $1.69/lb.!
  • Grape Seed Oil, GrapeOla    $5.98/Liter!
  • Ham All Natural (nitrate free) in the deli    $4.48/lb.!! (the deli lady said the sale will be on for at least one more week.  I stocked up today! Yay!!)
  • Melon, Personal Organic    $2.98 ea!!
  • Cauliflower    $0.68/lb.!!!
  • Bell Pepper, Green    $0.48 ea!!

Fruit and Veggies

  • Apples, Red Del.     $1.17/lb.
  • Apples, Gala    $0.98/lb.!!
  • Asparagus    $1.98/lb.!!
  • Avocado    $0.78 ea!
  • Bananas    $0.52/lb.!
  • Bell Pepper, Green    $0.48 ea!!
  • Bell Pepper, Red    $0.68 ea.!!
  • Bell Pepper, Yellow    $0.68!!!
  • Broccoli    $0.78/lb.!
  • Cabbage, Green       $0.58/lb.
  • Cantaloupe    $0.48/lb.!
  • Carrots, Baby    $4.98/5 lb.
  • Cauliflower    $0.68/lb.!!!
  • Celery    $0.68/lb.
  • Cabbage, Red    $0.48/lb.
  • Cucumbers    $0.78 ea
  • Ginger Root    $0.98/lb.!
  • Grapefruit    $4.98/5 lb. bag
  • Grapes, Green & Red Seedless    $1.48/lb.!!
  • Greens, Pre-washed Earthbound Farm Organic Spring Greens Mix
  • $3.98/1 lb.
  • Kale     $1.38/bunch
  • Kiwi    $1.58/1 lb. bag
  • Lemon    $0.28 ea.
  • Lettuce, Romaine Hearts    $1.98/3 Ct. Package!!
  • Lime    $0.28 ea.
  • Mango    $1.98 each are huge!!
  • Melon, Personal Organic    $2.98 ea!!
  • Nectarines    $1.48/lb.
  • Onion, Red     $0.98/lb.
  • Onion, Yellow    $0.48/lb.
  • Oranges, Navel    $0.98/lb.
  • Peaches            $1.28/lb.
  • Pears, Bartlett    $0.98/lb.!
  • Pineapple    $3.98 ea.
  • Plums, Red    $1.28/lb.
  • Potatoes, Red    $ 1.98/5 lb. bag
  • Potatoes    $2.38/15 lb.bag!!
  • Spinach, Popeye    $1.78/10 oz. bag
  • Strawberries     $3.48/2 lb. pck! Or $1.98/1 lb. pck!
  • Tomatoes, Hothouse    $0.98/lb.!
  • Tomatoes, On the Vine     $0.98/lb.!
  • Tomatoes, Roma    $0.98/lb.
  • Watermelon    $0.38/lb.!
  • Zucchini Squash    $0.98/lb.

Bulk Section

  • Almonds, Whole Raw    $4.38/lb.
  • Cashews, Pieces Raw    $6.28/lb.!!
  • Chia Seeds    $8.92/lb.
  • Coconut, Unsweetened     $2.74/lb.
  • Cranberries, Dried     $3.67/lb.
  • Dates, Whole, Pitted    $2.57/lb.!!
  • Flax Seed    $0.80/lb.
  • Flour, Whole Wheat Unbl    $0.49/lb.
  • Oat Bran    $0.89/lb.
  • Oats, Old Fashioned     $0.60/lb!!
  • Oats, Organic Rolled     $0.87/lb.
  • Oats, Steel Cut    $0.54/lb!!!!
  • Peanuts, Dry Roasted    $2.38/lb.
  • Peanuts, Unsalted Roasted    $2.38/lb.
  • Pecan Halves    $10.88/lb.
  • Quinoa    $3.83/lb.
  • Quinoa, Organic Red    $5.38/lb.
  • Raisins, Deluxe    $1.88/lb.
  • Rice, Long Grain Brown Rice     $0.56/lb.
  • Rice, Brown Organic    $1.69/lb.!
  • Salt, Sea    $0.26/lb.
  • Sugar, Organic Cane    $1.42/lb.
  • Walnuts, Half/Pieces    $6.38/lb.
  • Walnuts, Med. Pieces    $6.38/lb.
  • Wheat Berry Kernels, Hard Red    $0.57/lb.
  • Wheat Bran    $0.39/lb.
  • Wheat Germ    $0.89/lb.

Select Organic & Natural Items

  • Cereal, Bear River All Natural: didn’t get, but last week it was $3.45/27.5 oz. great price/oz.
  • Cereal, EnviroKidz Organic    $2.2810-11.5 oz. Box!!
  • Coconut Oil, Spectrum Organic: didn’t get, but last week it was   $6.42/14 oz.!
  • Eggs, Large Oakdell     $1.39/dozen
  • Grape Seed Oil, GrapeOla    $5.98/Liter!
  • Ham All Natural (nitrate free) in the deli    $4.48!!
  • Milk, Almond Pacific Organic     $2.17/32 oz.!
  • Pacific Rice Milk    $1.86/32 oz. box!

Did you find any other deals this week?  Please share in a comment.

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