Winco Quarterly: Bulk Prices Quadruply Expanded and Updated {1/8/13}

I have been tracking WinCo prices for well over a year.  As I am, Lord willing, becoming more efficient and a better steward of my time, I thought that quarterly updates for bulk prices would be a great idea.  Today I am excited to bring you the first WinCo Quarterly Price Updates of the Bulk Section.  I have expanded my bulk section items from 26 to now 100 items!

I am especially excited to add spices.  I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to compare prices on spices at different stores.  Now I can check these prices on my phone when I am at other stores so I can do a quick price comparison!  I hope this benefits you, too.

I was really thinking that the nut prices would dramatically increase after the holidays.  I am happy to announce that at this point there has been no significant increase!  In fact walnut and almond prices are where they were 3 weeks ago, and raw cashew prices have only gone up pennies.  I really thought those raw cashew prices would go up dollars again, since they were over $7/lb. this summer, and now they are well under $4/lb.  Pecan prices have gone up a bit, too. Hopefully they stay stable for a long while.

I have changed the look, too.  Is the chart below easier to view?

I have listed below some selected “Bulk Section” prices of healthier commonly consumed grocery items.  Unfortunately these prices are subject to change without notice, so these deals were valid Tuesday afternoon, 1/8/13, in the Marysville, WA area, and it will, at least, give you an idea of prices in your area.
EVERY time we go to the store we cast our votes.  Stores will stock the shelves with items WE buy.   The more we make better choices, the more we can make a positive change.

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. Bulk Section
. Allspice $7.55/lb.
. Almond Butter, You-Grind-Fresh $4.78/lb.
. Almonds, Whole Raw $3.98/lb.!!
. Anise Seed $6.93/lb.
. Baking Soda $0.52/lb.
. Baking Powder $1.13/lb.
. Basil $2.93/lb.
. Bay Leaf, Whole $4.44/lb.
. Beans, Black Turtle $0.99/lb.
. Beans, Garbanzo (Chickpeas) $1.12/lb.
. Beans, Great Northern $0.96/lb.
. Beans, Kidney $1.12/lb.
. Beans, Navy $0.96/lb.
. Beans, Pinto $0.91/lb.
. Cashews, Pieces Raw $3.39/lb.!!
. Cayenne Pepper $2.84/lb.
. Celery Seed $2.40/lb.
. Chia Seeds $8.92/lb.
. Chili Peppers, Crushed $3.69/lb.
. Chili Powder $3.27/lb.
. Chipotle, Ground $11.09/lb.
. Chives, Dried $15.90/lb.
. Cilantro $8.80/lb.
. Cinnamon $2.22/lb.
. Cinnamon Sticks $3.29/lb.
. Cloves, Whole $16.48/lb.
. Coconut, Unsweetened $2.74/lb.
. Coriander, Ground $2.98/lb.
. Cranberries, Dried $3.45/lb.
. Cumin, Ground $3.55/lb.
. Curry $3.91/lb.
. Dates, Whole, Pitted $2.57/lb.!!
. Dill Seed, Whole $2.32/lb.
. Dill Weed $6.87/lb.
. Fennel Seed $4.18/lb.
. Flax Seed $0.80/lb.
. Flour, Almond (G-F) $4.68/lb.
. Flour, Buckwheat $1.78/lb.
. Flour, Rye, Dark $1.04/lb.
. Flour, Spelt $1.27/lb.
. Flour, Tapioca $1.18/lb.
. Flour, Whole Wheat Unbl. $0.49/lb.
. Garlic, Granulated $4.18/lb.
. Garlic, Minced $4.48/lb.
. Garlic Powder $4/lb.
. Garlic Salt $1.59/lb.
. Ginger, Ground $5.06/lb.
. Italian Seasonings $??/lb.
. Lentils $0.79/lb.
. Mustard, Ground $2.49/lb.
. Nutmeg $17.68/lb.
. Nuts, Mixed $3.98/lb.
. Nuts, Mixed Deluxe $5.48/lb.
. Oat Bran $1.10/lb.
. Oats, Gluten-Free, Regular $1.87/lb.
. Oats, Old Fashioned $0.58/lb!
. Oats, Organic Rolled $0.89/lb.!!
. Oats, Steel Cut $0.58/lb!!
. Onion, Minced $3.38/lb.
. Onion Powder $3.28/lb.
. Onion Salt $1.96/lb.
. Oregano $3.47/lb.
. Paprika, Hungarian $4.26/lb.
. Paprika, Smoked $8.70/lb.
. Parsley $5.61/lb.
. Peanut Butter, You-Grind-Fresh $2.38/lb.
. Peanuts, Dry Roasted $1.78/lb.!!
. Peanuts, Unsalted Roasted $1.68/lb.!!
. Peas, Split Green $0.51/lb.
. Pecan Halves $8.28/lb.
. Peppercorn $7.46/lb.
. Pepper, Ground $7.73/lb.
. Pine Nuts $15.17/lb.
. Poppy Seeds $3.97/lb.
. Pumpkin Kernels, Raw $4.22/lb.
. Pumpkin Pie Spice $4.44/lb.
. Quinoa, Organic $3.83/lb.
. Quinoa, Organic Red $5.38/lb.
. Raisins, Deluxe $1.65/lb.
. Rice, Forbidden, Black $2.94/lb.
. Rice, Long Grain Brown Rice $0.56/lb.
. Rice, Brown Organic $1.69/lb.
. Rosemary $2.58/lb.
. Sage $5.26/lb.
. Salt, Sea $0.26/lb.
. Sesame Seeds $2.78/lb.
. Spaghetti, Brown Rice $1.74/lb.
. Spaghetti, Whole Wheat $1/lb.
. Sugar, Organic Cane $1.42/lb.
. Sunflower Kernels, Raw $1.38/lb.
. Thyme $5.06/lb.
. Tumeric, Ground $2.67/lb.
. Vanilla Beans, Whole $6.98 ea.
. Walnuts, Half/Pieces $5.68/lb.
. Walnuts, Med. Pieces $5.78/lb.
. Wheat Berry Kernels, Hard Red $0.57/lb.
. Wheat Bran $0.39/lb.
. Wheat Germ $0.89/lb.
. Xanthan Gum $17.64/lb.

Have you checked out our Costco Quarterly Natural and Organic Price List?

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  1. Nadene says

    Yay! Thanks for this list! I like it better and I love having something like this close by for when I do my online shopping for comparing prices. I see you have xanthan gum on your list, but I have never seen it in the bulk section; where is it? I didn’t know Winco had gluten free oats either! Thanks, Sonja!

    • says

      Hey Nadene, The xanthan gum is on the bottom right hand side of the bulk spice section. I noticed they started carrying gluten-free oatsa few months ago. Is the format easier to view? You are welcome. Glad to help!

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