Winco Quarterly: 110 + Bulk Prices Updated {7/3/13}

Thrifty Thinking: Know Your Grocery Target Prices

winco price updates Welcome to the third edition of WinCo Quarterly.  This is where I update prices on some select bulk whole foods every three months.  Unfortunately, these prices can change without notice, so these prices were valid Tuesday afternoon, 7/3/13, in the Marysville, WA area (98271), and it will, at least, give you an idea of prices at your local WinCo.

Compared to my last update, more prices stayed the same, some went up, and others went down.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a price drop, so make sure you check out the prices of your favorite bulk foods!

New to our list is raw almond slices (which are now cheaper than raw whole almonds), pecan pieces (my favorite new addition and much more affordable than anywhere I know), macadamia nuts, nutritional yeast, prunes, couscous, black mission figs, brown rice flour, white rice flour, organic coconut flour, and semolina flour.  Looks like they are really getting serious about gluten-free flours.  Just be careful with cross-contamination.  They now sell oats ($1.77/lb.) that can’t be labeled “gluten-free” because they are in the bulk section, but they arrived at the store gluten-free.

Like what I did with my Costco Quarterly Price List, I created a page for my WinCo price update.  So if you go to this page, you will see the most current WinCo prices.  That way you won’t be seeing old news.  Here is the most up-to-date WinCo Quarterly page.

winco price updates

Are you looking for a Costco Organic and Natural Foods Item Price List?  Visit Costco Quarterly.

Costco Quarterly @

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EVERY time we go to the store we cast our votes with our dollars.  How you spend your money makes a difference!  Stores will stock the shelves with items WE buy.   The more we make better choices, the more we can make a positive change.  Aim for mostly whole foods!

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  1. Brian Day says

    Thank you this is a great help to me. I’ve been memorizing prices, bulk and otherwise, for years, successfully, but price memories get blurred when there are frequent price increases

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