Costco Quarterly #3: Price List Page Updated on 140 + Natural & Organic Items

It is time to update the natural & organic grocery prices on my Costco Quarterly List.

New items to the list include:

  • organic chia seeds (yay! which I use to make my no-cook chia seed blender jam),
  • organic dried banana slices,
  • organic chicken legs (my favorite and well under $2/lb., too),
  • orangic bread,
  • gluten-free bread, and
  • grapefruit.

Costco Quarterly Updated Price I only removed the few items that I could not find after two separate trips to Costco.  If I thought Costco would still sell an item, but the product wasn’t there, I left it on the list and noted it.

Costco Quarterly @

This natural and organic Costco price list was updated on Wednesday July, 17, 2013 at the Marysville, Washington Costco.  Even if you don’t live near Marysville, Washington, this list should give you a good start as to where prices might fall at your local Costco, but all prices and products are subject to change without warning.  There were a few price decreases, but if prices changed, they mostly increased.  The price increases weren’t dramatic, though.

To make sure you get the most current list, I have put the updated Costco price list on a “page“.  SO GO HERE TO SEE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE COSTCO NATURAL AND ORGANIC PRICE LIST.

Thrifty Thinking: Know Your Grocery Target Prices

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Do you have a WinCo in your area?  If you do, they have a great bulk foods section and you may be interested in a WinCo Bulk Prices Update.

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  1. says

    Thanks for doing this! Found you through frugally sustainable, and so happy I did. I kept meaning to do this research but it was never happening…

  2. says

    Found you through Show & Tell Sat. Thanks for the Costco list. We’re not members yet, but are thinking about it & analyzing the cost savings from regular grocery shopping. This list helps!

    • says

      Hi Scarlett. Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know your prices and cost savings to be a good steward of your money. Glad this helps!

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