Costco Natural and Organic Grocery Price List #4 Updated

Costco Whole Natural and Organic Grocery Price List Update Greetings all!  I just updated the Costco Natural and Organic Grocery Price List today.  The dates these prices were taken were 10/10/13 and 10/16/13 in Snohomish County area of Washington, just North of Seattle.  It takes me a few trips to get the prices because there are so many groceries.  Go to this page to see the most up-to-date prices at Costco.  It took me awhile to get it up because we were out of town visiting my sister Thursday through Sunday, and I am just starting to catch my breath now.

Usually when I shop at Costco, I don’t stroll down every aisle looking for interesting products, but when I update my price list I take more time and find interesting products.

Notable additions to the list are (and I am planning on trying all these listed below):

  • avocado oil (I can’t wait to try this!)
  • gluten-free flour mix (I don’t know how well it works, if anyone has insight, I’d love to hear)
  • packaged dates (actually cheaper than WinCo)
  • organic sweet potatoes in a 10 lb. bag
  • lots of organic apples
  • organic peanut butter (we’ve been buying this the last month and love it!)
  • Apple & Eve Organic Black Cherry Juice

Again some prices went up and some actually went down, but most have stayed the same.  Because there has been negligible price changes in the past quarter to quarter and as I continually seek to be a better steward of my time, I will be updating my Costco price list every 6 months.  I will also do this for my WinCo Bulk Foods Price List and am planning to update the WinCo Bulk Foods Price List at the beginning of the new year so I am not updating two huge lists at one time.

The Costco Grocery Price List is on this page (click on the phrase “this page” to see them).  That way if you pin that page, you will always see the most current prices.

Blessings on your frugal food endeavors!

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  1. Tabitha says

    Our location in Texas is carrying Namaste Foods All purpose flour mix (gluten free). It worked well in bread, pancakes, and muffins. Great value at 1.97/lb and it’s corn free.

  2. Lusaigh says


    I don’t consider Annie Chun’s 6 pk soft Chinese noodles totally organic even though they are USDA organic. But everyone knows that USDA organic is nothing more than a rubber stamp. The 2nd ingredient down on the list of ingredients is modified tapioca starch. When I ate them, they wreaked havoc with my lower intestinal system. They should NOT be labeled organic if it has that ingredient. Same goes for Kirkland Signature Hot Dogs. They say all beef but if you look at the ingredients, the 2nd one down is maltodextrin, Do you know what other product is pure maltodextrin? Benefiber: a laxative! So Kirkland is using maltodextrin in the KS hot dogs as a filler. But then again, they aren’t calling themselves organic. I had to stop eating them about 2 years ago because of what changes they made to their ingredients. How can I trust Costco or even a manufacturer to mean something is truly organic?

    • says

      Hi Lusaigh. That is so sad, and honestly quite frustrating! You wonder if there is anything/anyone you really can trust with your food! Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences!

  3. Miriam says

    Thank you so much for the Costco Price List. I have been wanting to create a price book for a while and we mostly do our big shop at Costco these days so I will be able to use your list and structure to develop my own. Since we live in Canada, there are probably a bunch of differences but I’m betting other than prices, I’ll find most of the same things on my list as on yours. You’ve saved me a ton of work and spurred me on.

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