Happy Thanksgiving from Practical-Stewardship.com!

Happy Thanksgiving from Practical-Stewardship.com

We are very thankful to you, our readers. Thank you for helping to season our lives with interest and joy. Thank you for reading our various musings. Thank you for making a difference in your own areas of influence. We give praise today to the Giver of all the gifts we enjoy…and we take extra time to enjoy those gifts.

Last year I wrote a post about why Christians’ gratitude should be the most potent and purposeful. I’ve been challenged by the principals in it for a long while, and I’d like to share the post with you again. So, here you go, and again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Whom Are We Thanking?


  1. Jolie Hall says

    We are SO thankful for each one of you!! Thank you for sharing the many areas that God has grown you in with others. Great family pic!

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