Feasting or Gluttony?

‘Tis the season to party, right?

Feasting or Gluttony

It’s true: there is no shortage of calorie consumption that goes on between the last Thursday in November and January 2. And this presents a conflict of conscience for many Christians. We know that food is good, but overindulgence is bad, right?

At the Sarr family Thanksgiving dinner, the topic of feasting versus gluttony surfaced.  Namely, isn’t feasting at Thanksgiving just some premeditated, scheduled gluttony?  I used to joke that it was, but on Thanksgiving I found myself emphatically insisting that feasting and gluttony are exact opposites. As is the case with any number of gifts from God, the difference between right enjoyment and sinful enjoyment is a matter of the heart. This means that is entirely possible for feasters and gluttons to eat together the same things, in the same quantities, at the same meal. And here is why:

Feasting comes from a thankful heart; gluttony comes from a selfish heart.

I’m drawing my working definition of feasting from the biblical model.  In the Bible, feasting is for the purpose of expressing thanks to God and for remembering His kind acts toward His people.  So I’d make the case that if you’re not thankful, you’re not feasting, whatever you are doing.

Resolving to pig out solely for sake of indulgence is serving self…and it is sin.  Feasting with a view to celebrate and enjoy the kindness (and kind provision) of God is service to Him.  It pleases God and glorifies him.  And it’s not hard to see why drunken hedonistic parties are shallow and sad when compared with festive, rich, celebratory Christian feasts.

Make no mistake: feasting is a weapon.  Feasting is powerful and it is necessary.  The enemy hates our rich, well-founded delight in the goodness of God and His gifts.  He hates it even more when we do this together.  And this time of year lends itself to frequent and festive feasting.  May we look different from the world by our feasting.

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