13 More Crazy Crock-pot Recipes Part 2

When I put together my first 12 Crazy Crock-pot Recipes-Part 1 post a year ago, I actually had more recipes to add, but had limited myself to 12. So with the end of the year rapidly approaching, I thought it would be an appropriate time to post 13 more Crazy Crock-pot Recipes. And all 13 crazy crock-pot recipes are egg-free, and dairy-free whole food recipes.

13 Crazy Crock-pot Recipes

Slow Cooker Saturdays

Crock-pot exists to make our lives easier, and everyone I know can be benefited by the use of a crock-pot in their household.  In fact our household has 3 crock-pots that I use multiple times a week (a 2, 4.5, and a 6 quart), and we have a couple of other crock-pots (a 7 quart and a little dipper) that I use on occasion. I have been know to have 2 or 3 crock-pots filled and going at the same time (broth here, yogurtbeans, and granola there…). Crock-pots are nice to make traditional foods like soups, roasts, and stews, but did you know crock-pots can do so much more?

13 Crazy Crock-pot Recipes

I dug up 13 of my favorite non-conventional crock-pot recipes.

And to start us off, crock-pot “baked” potatoes. If you are having a big group of people over the crock-pot is great for making big batches of “baked” potatoes. You don’t even need to use foil. Throw together a little potato bar, and you are good to go for small and big crowds alike.

Crock-pot Baked Potatoes

“Baked” Potatoes in the Crock-pot

Seriously, this is the easiest way I know to make blackberry jam!  In the crock-pot!  No stress, no boiling.  Just put the jam in the jars when you are ready.

Crock-pot Blackberry Jam with Chia Seeds Crock-pot Blackberry Jam Naturally Thickened

I worked and worked to come up with some kind of Monkey Bread recipe that would work in the crock-pot overnight.  There isn’t anything like waking up to a warm breakfast, right.  And the work is already done!

Crock-pot Monkey Bread Overnight Crock-pot Monkey Bread with an Oven Baked Option

Being a fan of easy mornings, we have also enjoyed this Overnight Crock-pot Breakfast Cobbler.

Crock pot Breakfast Cobbler Overnight Crock-pot Breakfast Cobbler

For my last crazy crock-pot breakfast idea I make crock-pot granola. We try to keep this continually stocked throughout the year. For an oat-less low carb crock-pot granola, go here.

Crock-pot Granola

Crock-Pot Granola

Do you need a butter alternative?  You can actually roast garlic in the crock-pot alone or alongside of another dish you are making or alone.  And when they are done, you can spread them on your rolls like budda, I mean, butter.

Crock-pot Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic in the Crock-pot or Not

If you’ve been a follower of our blog for a length of time, you may know that chips and salsa/taco salads are my absolute favorite for lunches. They are so quick to put together and full of flavor. I determined earlier this year that I would try crock-pot salsa. I made and froze several batches and intend to do this every year.

Salsa, Slow Cooker Style Slow Cooker Salsa

During the holiday shopping season, I know it was nice to prepare my crock-pot tetrazzini and then go catch some sales, and get a Christmas tree.  So nice to come home to a cooked meal!

crock-pot turkey tetrazzini, D-F

Crock-pot Turkey or Chicken Tetrazzini

And during the holidays to free up oven space, there’s nothing better than using the slow cooker to make stuffing.

Crock-pot Stuffing, Vegan Friendly

Crock-pot Stuffing or Dressing, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free

Once in awhile we’ll throw dessert in the crock-pot before we eat dinner

Crock-pot Brownies G-F @ practical-stewardship.com

Crock-pot Brownies, Oven Option, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Egg-Free Option

Crock-pot caramelized onions are a wonderful addition to burgers, and mashed potatoes, along with contributing bold flavors and textures to a green salad.

Slow Cooker Caramelized Onions

How to Slice an Onion & Crock-pot Caramelized Onions

I almost never make my rice on the stovetop anymore. The rice stays moist and the crock-pot is easier to clean than a rice-caked pan. I just start the rice about 2 1/2 hours before I need it.

Basic Crock-pot Rice

Easy Crock-pot Rice

When making pumpkin purée for pumpkin piespumpkin bread, and the like, I don’t know an easier way to process big batches of pumpkin.  After the pumpkin cooks, you just stir (which is a lot like making crock-pot applesauce, by the way). If you don’t want to use a blender, you don’t have to. If you are looking for pumpkin inspiration, here are 12 Pumpkin Recipes.

The Easiest Pumpkin Purée

Crock-pot Pumpkin Purée

What are some crazy foods you make in the crock-pot?

For more crock-pot ideas, check out my Cookin’ with the Crock-pot Board on Pinterest.


Follow Sonja Sarr (practical-stewardship.com)’s board Cookin’ w/the Crock-pot on Pinterest. Have you seen the first 12 Crazy Crock-pot Ideas?

12 Crazy Crock-pot Recipes

Or 10 Crock-pot Freezer Meals for $5.64 each:

10 Easy Crock-pot Chicken Freezer Meals

Go here for the complete list of recipes.

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  1. More time than money says

    I miss monkey bread SOOOO MUCH! Plz plz plz tell me you have gluten free recipe also??? My failure rate with converting bread recipes to gluten free is roughly around 100%. Thank you

    • says

      I am sorry that I don’t have a g-f version! I have looked into gluten-free sourdough, though (since I use sourdough), and this is what I’ve found: here and here, but I haven’t tried it yet. If you can get one of these breads to work for you, you can try this basic recipe. Hope this helps!

  2. says

    What a great group of recipes. We do a baked potato bar often, but I have never thought to cook them in the crock pot – I am so excited to try that out!

    Thank you! I’m visiting from the Raising Arrows link-up :)

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