How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally with One Ingredient

Have you ever had one of those nasty, nagging warts that just won’t seem to go away? You put the commercial stuff on and it hardly touches the wart. Months (and maybe even years) go by and you finally go to the doctor and they have to burn it off. And then (da, da, da) it comes back. Well, I have never had a wart burnt off before but my husband has.  He even had one carved out of his knuckle by an ambitious doctor. There must be a better way, right?

How to Get Rid of Warts Naturally

Thrifty Thinking

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Admittedly, this is probably the most unlovely post with the most unloverly picture I’ve posted to date (although this is a close second to the armpit post talking about deodorant alternatives). But Lord willing I will be able to share some useful information. Warts are a part of life…a rather unfortunate part, but one that we periodically have to address, which is what we’ll do today.

Last summer there were three people in my immediate family who had warts. Two of them had warts on their feet for a few months, and one person had one on his hand for about five years. Dr. Oz mentioned suffocating the warts with duct tape, and although duct tape works for a lot of things, it wasn’t strong enough for these.

Because we were dealing with some youngin’s, I Googled natural home remedies for warts since I didn’t want to use chemicals on them just yet and found an amazing way to nip those nasty things in the bud. Not only is it a natural way to treat warts, but it is frugal, and you probably have it in your cupboards.

So what is the super easy, frugal, natural, and safe way to get rid of warts, you may ask?

Apple cider vinegar!! It’s one of my true heroes!

How to Heal Warts Naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar also suggests using the duct tape but with vinegar and cotton wool balls at the same time. We couldn’t get the duct tape to stay (I was dealing with a 6 year old at the time).  So how we killed the warts was to put some apple cider vinegar in its cap and carefully pour the vinegar onto the middle cushiony part of a bandaid, trying not to get the strap of the bandaid wet. Then we would have the afflicted person wear the bandaid all night. If the bandaids would stick in the day, fine, but the most important thing was to wear the bandaid at night.

Also to note, one important step that may help a quicker recovery is to periodically slough off the dead wart tissue with a pumice stone or something. And if you can, pluck out the blackened seeds with tweezers as soon as you can.  I know it’s gross, but it works, as the once-warty Sarrs can testify!

Wart Cured

In each person there was quickly a noticeable difference, and within one month it had completely cured one foot and one hand (with the 5 year wart!) in our household. The other foot took two and a half months, but the seeds went black right away (as shown in the first picture). The whole process was all quite exciting, and my kids thought it was like a science experiment. Hey, I guess so did I!

In the middle of our experiment I told a friend who had a batch of tiny warts on his (generic his) hand for a couple of years. This person applied the apple cider vinegar with a bandaid here and there and still was able to heal his warts and that of his child, to boot!

Goodbye commercial wart treatments; hello apple cider vinegar!

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  1. says

    I’ve always been able to get rid of mine with tea tree oil. Annie had a particularly ornery one that wouldn’t respond to anything – acv, tea tree etc. So, I tried oregano oil – worked GREAT! :-) I just love how versatile ACV is. Nature’s miracle. :-)

  2. says

    I agree – ACV really works! I had a large wart on the bottom of my foot, and had tried the at home kit, went to a dermatologist and had it frozen several times, and even had bleomycin (a chemotherapy drug!) injected in it twice (and let me tell you I could hardly walk from my whole foot being on fire the next day). All to no avail. Then I came upon this use of ACV. I thought, ” no way this will work but what do I have to lose at this point, right?!” and low and behold a couple months later that nasty, ugly, painful thing was GONE!!! Absolutely agree with “natures miracle!” :)

    • says

      Hi Roxie. I am continually amazed by how easy a lot of things are to cure, and we make them much harder and think we need all these different products for all these little facets of life, when we might just need a couple of things. Thank you for sharing!

  3. says

    Thank you so much! I have a special-needs son who’s had a wart on his thumb and because of the way insurance and everything is we have not been able to get him in to see a dermatologist. His GP said not to put anything on it because there’s a lot of nerves and she didn’t want anything to be damage ,so he’s been having this painful wart on his thumb. We do have apple cider vinegar in our cabinet so thank you so much.

  4. says

    Hi Sonja, I just found your blog via Sew Many Ways’ link party. You are absolutely right, not a pretty topic but a necessary one. I was afflicted with the miserable things in my teens. They were burned out, dry-iced out, and finally cut out. Having this solution to the problem would have been much less painful, I’m sure! I have a new one to take care of, so thanks for sharing your post! I’m going to try it! Val

  5. Angie says

    My son has a wart that I just did a recent post on asking for suggestions. Someone kindly mentioned ACV and we are in the first few days of treatment. I am happy to hear of everyones success with the product.

    Angie @ Oak Springs Farm

  6. kim says

    I haven’t tried the acv yet but have used crushed garlic cloves on warts for kids. One child had a wart on their hand for a year or more. Cushed a clove of garlic, put it on the wart and covered it with several band-aids so the area was covered well. Left that on for 24 hours. Took it off and within a couple of days the wart was gone, never to come back. Another child had one on the bottom of their foot. Followed same procedure as above, but did have to repeat several time over the course of a month to draw it out.

  7. Matt says

    My daughter had a wart on her foot, and ACV got rid of it in a few days. Meanwhile, my son had one on his foot and used ACV for over a month but couldn’t get rid of it. We might have him try the crushed garlic next.

    • says

      Hi Matt. I hope the crushed garlic helps. How will you apply it or keep it applied? Thanks for sharing, and I hope it goes away soon!

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