Questions Worth Asking #12 Getting Enough Sleep

Questions Worth Asking

Are you getting enough sleep? How much is enough?

When a person is disciplined in one area, it often translates to other parts of life. Discipline in exercise often results in healthier eating choices. Who wants to chase a hard workout with a donut? The same goes with disciplined sleep. I’ve never seen a truly disciplined person who had lazy sleep habits. Some people sleep too much, while others don’t get enough sleep. But the disciplined sleeper sees the benefit of good rest and strikes a healthy balance between work and rest.

Why Give Christmas Presents?

Why Give Christmas Presents?

There’s nothing quite as ugly as a kid who doesn’t like his Christmas gift…and who lets the world know it. Ours is a very privileged culture, and we’re pretty familiar with this sort of attitude. But I don’t believe that the idea is to make others suffer for the selfish attitudes of a few.

Perhaps this kid needs to NOT get gifts this Christmas to learn a dose of humility. You know, to receive what he actually deserves. But I want to challenge us to be more intentional about our gift-giving this Christmas. Here are some reasons I think it’s great to give Christmas presents.

Psalm 8 and the Privilege of Work

Psalm 8 and the Privilege of Work

God has entrusted to man the stewardship of His creation, and it’s not exactly a Pinto. It’s spectacular, wondrous and breathtaking. Creation reflects the glory of its Creator, and beholding it ought to blow us away. King David expressed all these sentiments in Psalm 8.

Being Fit: It’s a Body of Work

Fitness Body of Work

Have you ever been in a cave and seen a stalactite? Or a stalagmite? If not, maybe you’ve seen a valley carved out by a (relatively) slow-moving glacier. These things are formed over time. Ages, in most cases. The difference is not discernible from one day to the next, but it’s there…however small it may be.

Fitness is no different. A healthy body is a body of work, the product of thousands of decisions of varying significance.