Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcakes

Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcake

Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcakes We have been swiftly ushered out of the graduation season and into the dog days of summer. Fans blowing at 10 am, sticky skin, sprinklers at all times of the day. And July isn’t even here yet. This is a stark contrast to our “June-uary” of 2012 where the temperatures hardly crawled to…

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Turkish Garbanzo Salad

Turkish Garbanzo Salad -1

Turkish Garbanzo Salad It’s light, yet filling. Savory, and sweet. It’s fresh, but it can be made ahead. These are just a few of the many reasons we love this salad. This is one of those recipes that doesn’t mind sitting all day in the fridge or overnight to meld all those delicious flavors together. With…

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