No Spending Challenge-Shop Out of the Pantry and Freezer Month

4 Week No Spending Challenge

No Spending Challenge-Shop Out of the Pantry and Freezer Month Thrifty Thinking I teach piano and for the last several years, we’ve used the money I’ve earned teaching piano to buy groceries. Through the summertime many of my piano lesson families take vacation breaks and such, so our grocery income takes an annual hit. So…

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Our Tip for Eating Frugal Organic Chicken and Crock-pot Seasoned Drumsticks

Frugal Crock-pot Shredded Chicken

Today I am sharing how we eat frugal organic chicken on a budget and a recipe for crock-pot seasoned drumsticks. This is the most frugal way I know at this time to get organic chicken. Thrifty Thinking Slow Cooker Saturdays At the end of last year I stopped buying organic whole chickens. I had been…

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What Do You Do When You and Your Spouse Don’t Agree About Money?

Finance Thrifty Thinking Saving Money on Healthcare and Food

Do you and your spouse always agree about how to handle the finances? If you are like people in most marriages, a situation is bound to come up here and there when you don’t agree about finances. So what do you do when that happens? Do you have a knock ‘em down, drag-it-out fight? Who…

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Grocery Prices to Meet or Beat #5

Grocery Prices to Meet or Beat

Since groceries prices can have a lot of flex, changing often, it’s always good to keep an eye on the prices for the groceries you buy.¬†So every six months I take a more careful look at the grocery prices of the foods we buy most. These are the prices that I look for when purchasing…

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