Costco Natural and Organic Food Price List Update #5

Costco Whole Natural and Organic Grocery Price List Update

I just finished updating my Costco Natural and Organic Food Price List Page. Now there are 150 different food items on the list. I think it’s good to update the Costco Food Price List every six months because there is more chance for price fluctuation in six months than there is in three months. Recommend on Facebook… 

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3 Tips for Transitioning to Whole Foods and WinCo Bulk Price List Updated {1/14}

3 Tips for Transitioning to Whole Foods

I receive no compensation from WinCo. All opinions are mine. Do you eat mostly whole foods? Are you transitioning to eating whole foods-foods with just one ingredient or making recipes using these 1 ingredient foods? If you want to improve your quality of life, health, and desire to increase your whole foods intake, 1. I… 

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Costco Natural and Organic Grocery Price List #4 Updated

Greetings all!  I just updated the Costco Natural and Organic Grocery Price List today.  The dates these prices were taken were 10/10/13 and 10/16/13 in Snohomish County area of Washington, just North of Seattle.  It takes me a few trips to get the prices because there are so many groceries.  Go to this page to… 

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Costco Quarterly #3: Price List Page Updated on 140 + Natural & Organic Items

It is time to update the natural & organic grocery prices on my Costco Quarterly List. New items to the list include: organic chia seeds (yay! which I use to make my no-cook chia seed blender jam), organic dried banana slices, organic chicken legs (my favorite and well under $2/lb., too), orangic bread, gluten-free bread,… 

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Winco Quarterly: 110 + Bulk Prices Updated {7/3/13}

Thrifty Thinking: Know Your Grocery Target Prices Welcome to the third edition of WinCo Quarterly.  This is where I update prices on some select bulk whole foods every three months.  Unfortunately, these prices can change without notice, so these prices were valid Tuesday afternoon, 7/3/13, in the Marysville, WA area (98271), and it will, at… 

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