Life Hack: Maintenance Beats Repair

Life Hack Maintenance Beats Repair

Life Hack: Maintenance Beats Repair A few years ago I sold a car. It was a Mazda 626, and it’d been having a few transmission problems, but we mostly just needed a car with more space, so we sold it. Well, before I sold it, I got that car running like a top, and I…

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20 Unusual, Crazy, and Weird Ways to Save Money, Part 1

20 Unusual, Crazy, and Weird Ways to Save Money Part 1

20 Unusual, Crazy, and Weird Ways to Save Money Part 1 Want to know some unusual, crazy, and weird ways we save money? These ideas are probably not your typical ways to save money. And none of these are going to make you a millionaire (at least tomorrow, but maybe over the long run, they…

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Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcake

Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcakes

Portable Patriotic Berry Shortcakes We have been swiftly ushered out of the graduation season and into the dog days of summer. Fans blowing at 10 am, sticky skin, sprinklers at all times of the day. And July isn’t even here yet. This is a stark contrast to our “June-uary” of 2012 where the temperatures hardly crawled to…

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Eliminate Exercise Excuses

Eliminating Exercise Excuses!

Eliminating Exercise Excuses! We all do it. We’ve all come up with some excuse or another to not exercise. Really, exercises excuses are cheap and abundant. In fact, the list of potential excuses is infinite, and in most cases, we just don’t want to do it. Generally speaking, we are rather impatient and lazy, and…

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Turkish Garbanzo Salad -1

Turkish Garbanzo Salad

Turkish Garbanzo Salad It’s light, yet filling. Savory, and sweet. It’s fresh, but it can be made ahead. These are just a few of the many reasons we love this salad. This is one of those recipes that doesn’t mind sitting all day in the fridge or overnight to meld all those delicious flavors together. With…

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Questions Worth Asking

Questions Worth Asking #13: An Obedient Life

Continuing our look at the Holy Club questions, we arrive at number 13: “Do I disobey God in anything?” This question is sort of a catch-all, and it casts a net over the slippery Christian. We can dance and for a while, sounding pious while confessing particular sins. But if there are any sins that…

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