Re-purposed Mesh Bags to Scouring Pad Scrubbie: 3 Tutorials

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Re-purposed Mesh Bags to Scouring Pad ScrubbiesDIY FRI.

It’s DIY FRI. again, where every week I try to post something you can do yourself rather than buy, which is a money saver, and can be VERY REWARDING.  Some of these posts are crafts, sewing projects, homemade cleaners, homemade health aids, tutorials, and the like.

Re-purposed Mesh Bags to Scouring Pad ScrubbiesI started saving mesh bags a few months ago after throwing them away for years.  You know, those mesh bags that you get with produce?  I determined they were good for some kind of second life, and I was going to figure out what that was.

Of course, you can use them as bags again.  I have washed them in the laundry with no problem, too.  I was scouring (ha) google, trying to figure out what to do, and I found a few tutorials on making the mesh bags into scouring pads.  I even found some where they crocheted them, but I wanted to make them easier than that.  Plus, I don’t know how to crochet yet.  Sometimes when I start a project it doesn’t always turn out the way I want.  Sometimes I find ways that are better, easier and more efficient.  I think that is the case here.

Here I am showing three different ways I made mesh bags into scouring pads.

What you will need:

  • used mesh bags
  • scissors

Tutorial 1: This tutorial is the easiest of the 3, and my favorite.  It makes a thin mesh scouring pad, so if you don’t like thin, you might want to choose a different tutorial.  I like how the thin scrubbie can be cleaned the easiest, though, as you can just rinse it with each use effortlessly. 

Take a mesh bag and make sure one end is not open. If both ends are open, just tie a knot in one end. Remove any plastic tags if there are any.

On the open side fold the mesh the in an inch or two and repeat, until you get to the bottom.

The finished super quick project!

Tutorial 2: This is another super quick tutorial.  This one is good for holding a scrubbie where you want a lot of control because the knot is small, and it creates a scouring pad with handles. 

Throw these in the dishwasher top rack to wash.

Cut the ends off of the bag. Remove any plastic tags.

Tie it in a knot. You can use it like this or...

you can knot it a few more times depending how big your mesh produce bag is.

You can hold it by the ends for lots of control when you are scouring those nasty dishes.

Tutorial 3: This is the most involved of the three tutorials, but it is still quite easy.  This is most like the standard scouring mesh pads you would buy, but it traps the most food scraps, so I like it the least, but it’s very sturdy, and a great, free alternative to the standard scouring pad.  Less waste.  Re-purposing.  It’s great!!  I did use two different mesh materials, so this scouring pad isn’t as pretty, but it’s functional.

Throw these in the dishwasher top rack to wash.

Remove any plastic tags.

Put a knot in one end. Make sure the other end is open.

Flip the mesh bag inside out so the knot will be in the inside of the bag. That's what will make a nice pucker at one end.

Take some other mesh bags, and fold them so they are squares. You will stuff the original mesh bag with these folded ones, so use as many as you want. Remember they squish, so you might want to use more than you think.

Place your folded up mesh bags in your original mesh bag. Knot the mesh bag.

Cut off the excess plastic. You can reuse this excess by putting it in another mess scouring pad.

The finished product. It's a little lumpy, but works just great!

The Verdict: I love how these tutorials take what most people would deem as garbage and uses them to create a handy home cleaning product.   What a greener way to go!  I won’t be buying scouring pads anymore!

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24 Responses to Re-purposed Mesh Bags to Scouring Pad Scrubbie: 3 Tutorials

  1. Leigh McD says:

    This is a great idea… I also save this type of mesh bag as reusable produce bags; I wash them and store them along with my reusable grocery bags. (The purchased reusable produce bags are surprisingly expensive.) I’ve been saving them for a while, so I have enough to try your scrubbies right away. Thanks for the how-to. :)

  2. Krystel Watts says:

    This is perfect timing as I HATE throwing these out but had not clue (other than bird feeders) what to use them for….. AND I have just thrown out my brought scouring pad as it was MANKY! ergh….. Thankyou – I will be doing this once I collect more bags! =)

  3. Oo this is great! I pinned to my board to remember for later. :)

  4. This is a great idea and I’m always saving these mesh bags for some kind of project! Please come share this at our link party – “Home is Where the Heart is” Please feel free to link any other posts you’d like to share!

  5. Awesome! I have cut them into strips before and crocheted them together, this looks really easy though!

  6. These are awesome! What a great way to reuse those bags for a totally functional purpose! Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  7. Caren says:

    This is so clever and resourceful!

  8. this is an awesome idea!!! I like to make the most of things I already have on hand!

  9. Tabitha says:

    It’s party time over at Debt Free Mommy’s blog! You are invited to join the party by linking up anything related to making your space a better place for you and your loved ones. Please join us at Making Space Mondays at Link up starting at 9:00 (central time) tonight. Hope to see you there! -Tabitha

  10. Love this!! I’m definitely going to try this out. I would much rather repurpose mesh bags than throw them out! Pinning this for sure.

    Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime again!!

  11. This is fantastic! I will be doing this. :) Thanks for linking up to “I Did It!” Tuesday. :)

  12. Mackenzie says:

    Great ideas! I love to reuse! Thank you for sharing this at Saturday Show and Tell. I can’t wait to see what you have for this week! I look forward to seeing you there. -Mackenzie

  13. Audra says:

    This is awesome. Today I just finished making lemonade, and a citrus enzyme cleaner from the peels ( After I was finished, I rolled up the mesh bag that the lemons came in, and I realized that it looked like a scrubby. I threw it under the sink, believing I would think about that some more and get back to it later. I’m SO glad I found this page, because usually when I do things like that, my husband will come along and find it before I get around to figuring out how to do what I was going to do with said item, and throws it away! Now I don’t have to think about it, I can just follow your directions. Thank you :)

  14. Marlo says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Please consider sharing it on my new hop Repurposed Ideas Weekly at: blog

  15. What a great idea. I have seen this idea before, but most of the tutorials seems too complicated, these look like they would be worth doing.

    Thanks for linking up to Healthy 2Day Wednesday, hope to see you there Wednesday.

  16. Great tips! I just started saving these figuring I could do something with them! Perfect timing. I’ll have to pin this so I can try when I have enough bags.

  17. Way cool!

    Lisa Fresh Eggs Daily

  18. Bonnie says:

    This is such a great idea! I’m visiting from the Sundae Scoop Link Party! I also wanted to let you know, though, that I’m a writer for Crafting a Green World. Every month we do a Green Crafts Showcase where we feature awesome green projects (like this one!). I would love for you to enter this so I can feature you! If you’re interested, you can enter here:

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

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