Citrus Cabbage Salad or Salsa

Citrus Cabbage Salsa

Citrus Cabbage Salad or Salsa I’m always on the lookout for different salads and for new ways to serve vegetables. This past summer I was at a church potluck when I had my first encounter with this salad. I was struck by the flavor combinations: the cabbage mingling with the lime and orange and then…

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Fitness Body of Work

Being Fit: It’s a Body of Work

Have you ever been in a cave and seen a stalactite? Or a stalagmite? If not, maybe you’ve seen a valley carved out by a (relatively) slow-moving glacier. These things are formed over time. Ages, in most cases. The difference is not discernible from one day to the next, but it’s there…however small it may be.

Fitness is no different. A healthy body is a body of work, the product of thousands of decisions of varying significance.

Urge the President to Oppose the New GMO Pesticide

Urge the President to Oppose New GMO Pesticide

Urge the President to Oppose New GMO Pesticide Should the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) give its okay for a new pesticide, Enlist Duo, to be sprayed on our crops to prevent weeds from growing?¬†Glyphosate (the main active ingredient which is already used in Round Up and kills gut bacteria) and the new “2, 4-D” (used…

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This is distinctively - though not uniquely - Western.

Western Laughter: A Taunt to Terrorists

If Christians want to make a difference in the global war on terror, we should laugh. We should make merry and delight in the kind provision and care of a sovereign and good Triune God of the Bible. Click the picture to read more.

No Cook Blender Apple Sauce

No Cook Blender Apple Sauce

No Cook¬†Blender Apple Sauce~a SUPER quick and easy way to make apple sauce. I LOVE easy recipes, and this no cook apple sauce rivals for the top of my mental “easy recipes list”. It almost can’t be called a recipe. The “core” of the recipe is just apples. Ha, ha. I made a funny (I…

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