Weekly Menu #30

Weekly Menu Musings at Practical Stewardship

Weekly Menu Go here to read why my loose weekly menu comes out twice a month and why it’s loose. Woh! My kids are on Thanksgiving break like tomorrow! Can’t believe it’s already upon us!

Psalm 8 and the Privilege of Work

Psalm 8 and the Privilege of Work

God has entrusted to man the stewardship of His creation, and it’s not exactly a Pinto. It’s spectacular, wondrous and breathtaking. Creation reflects the glory of its Creator, and beholding it ought to blow us away. King David expressed all these sentiments in Psalm 8.

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What is Thermography and Is it Right for You?

What is Thermography and Is It Right for You or the Ladies in Your Life?   (This is not a picture of me, but it is a picture I took of a button I got. This is the upper left armpit.) Healthy living requires proactively taking care of your health. This is not one of our…

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Meal on-the-Go Super Burritos

Super Burrito-Meal on the Go

Super Burrito-A Great Portable and Tasty Meal-on-the-Go Around the Sarr household we are always trying to make our food healthier in some way as we move away from the Standard American Diet (SAD). Last spring we became a soccer family. It changed the way I thought about preparing dinners. If we were going to eat good,…

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