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We’re the Sarr family, and we live in the Pacific Northwest.  We are a Christian family devoted to God’s glory in all aspects of our lives.  We view the countless blessings that we enjoy as a stewardship from God.  They are not our own; they are entrusted to us, and we want to be good stewards of these things, including our time, money, bodies, material possessions, relationships and more.

Sarr Family Fall 2014

That is the philosophy that drives this blog.  How can we make the best use of what we have?  If I only have ten minutes to exercise, how can I maximize it?  If I only have ten bucks to spend at the grocery store, how can I stretch them farthest?  These are the sorts of questions that good stewards ask.

Sonja is a stay-at-home mom who also teaches piano lessons and music.  She is passionate about investing in people, whether in meaningful conversation while walking with friends, or having young ladies over to learn how to sew a potholder and talk about the Bible.  She loves to experiment with the standard American diet recipes and “healthify” them for the fam.  Sitting is hard for her, but when she does, it’s either to teach a piano lesson, work on the blog, or eat dinner.

Jonathan is a privileged husband and father and a pastor.  He too, is devoted to eternal things.  Time is precious since our days here are limited and, frankly, there’s plenty to do.  He would rather be meeting with someone over coffee and a good book than exercising, but he would also like to be able to hold his grandkids someday without being sore for a week, so that makes the decision easy.  So he exercises and eats the healthy morsels his wife sometimes offers him.

Sarr Kids 2014

We have three amazing, fun and unique children ages nine, seven and five.  They prevent our lives from being dull and bring us much amusement and happiness.

Abbie Age 7


Our kids are our greatest stewardship and raising them makes us better, more dependent people.

Joshua Age 5


But in all these things, we firmly believe in having fun.  Laugh.  Be happy.  We’re hardly silly people, but we are happy.  Consistent, deep-seated happiness in a world as sad and serious as our own is supernatural, a gift from God who gives good things.  We are more effective and productive when we are happy, and more fun to be around (not that we’ve arrived, but we’re trying to get there….).  So whether we’re shopping, working out, or hanging out, we have the goal to have fun in the process.

Ellie Age 9

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If you are interested in how Jonathan and Sonja got together, here is a link to their love story. To learn more about Sonja, you can read Confessions from a Selfish Daughter, Cancer, and a Mother’s Day Charge.

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Fall 2013


Fall 2012

Fun Facts About Us

  • Jonathan LOVES reading fiction, but hardly has the time.
  • In the past Sonja has taught public high school choir, Spanish, jazz band, and elementary music.
  • Jonathan student taught public high school, but ended up as a private school administrator for several years, along with teaching Spanish, and being the Athletic Director, and, and, and…
  • Sonja is a published music composer.
  • Jonathan loves all the distinct weather seasons.
  • Sonja is a sun lover (and a Son lover).
  • Jonathan loves fishing.
  • Sonja loves jazz.
  • Good thing Jonathan loves jazz too.
  • Sonja’s favorite food is shrimp.
  • Jonathan says you are what you eat.
  • Jonathan’s favorite food is pizza or a good steak.
  • Sonja stopped growing taller when she was eleven.
  • Jonathan is almost 6 feet tall.
  • Sonja is 5 feet tall.
  • Jonathan has one fake tooth in the front.
  • Sonja has a patch of completely white hair she has had since birth near her forehead.  Completely white-white. She’s not prematurely going grey.
  • Fall 2012

    Jonathan loves flying and traveling.
  • Sonja hates flying and loves traveling on the ground, by foot is best.
  • Jonathan is the last born of six kids.
  • Sonja is the first born of two girls.
  • Jonathan hates running.
  • Sonja doesn’t care for running, but does it because she likes how she feels after it is done.
  • Jonathan loves kettlebells.
  • Sonja hates strongly dislikes struggles with making school lunches.
  • Jonathan likes to eat them.
  • Sonja is half-Mexican.
  • Jonathan is made up of a lot of things, but speaks WAY better Spanish then Sonja.
  • Sonja was born in Houston, Texas, and lived there until she was six, when her family moved to Washington State.
  • Jonathan was born in Central California (Porterville), and lived there until he graduated high school.
  • Jonathan and Sonja met at WSU, ahh.

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