Our Food Philosophy

We are on a journey to eat healthier food every day.  When we first got married Sonja prepared many boxed meals (at least we had bagged salad), and our lunches often consisted of prepackaged food (or “fake food” as we jokingly call it).  People thought we ate healthy with our grapefruits, bananas, yogurt (with high fructose corn syrup) and processed granola bars, and maybe it was healthier than the average American, but that is not saying much!

When it was time to feed our first baby solids, I remember being at the store and thinking, “Should I buy this sweetened applesauce with HFCS in it, or should I get the unsweetened?”  That is what kicked us into a higher gear on the journey to better eating, and you’re welcome to come along!

With that being said, we are pretty faithful to eat dessert every night!  Balance, right?  Enjoy life!  It doesn’t mean it has to be a half-gallon of ice cream in one setting.  Moderation is key and something we can live with.


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