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My wife is at a conference this weekend and she asked me to post a bodyweight workout that she could then reference and do in her room.  I suggested that she do two rounds of the Six-Minute Workout she did on January 19.  That would be a challenge, and it would be over in 12 minutes.  She said, “Sure.  But could you post one more so I’d have two workouts to do?”  So, this is is a second bodyweight only workout for the sake of my beloved and any of you all who are limited on equipment, but want to get in a good workout regardless. Read on for the workout. Sometime soon I’ll post about the benefits about bodyweight exercise and why I love it so much.  At that time I’ll also share my favorite bodyweight movements, most of which I’ve already included in previous posts in some way or another.  For now, I’ll just get down to what I would do today if I were locked in a hotel room with nothing but a timer. I guarantee that it would be fantastic and I’d be sore the next day. It involves two simple movements: squats/pushups…like this:


For Sonja, I’d recommend that she do the first six rounds, and that’s all.  So her rounds of squats will be 30/28/26/24/22/20 (150 total) and her pushups would be 15/14/13/12/11/10 (75 total).  As for reminders, all the way down on the pushups, elbows close to the ribs, hands forward.  On the squats, knees behind the toes and get down below parallel to activate those glutes.

Finally, as for rest, I’d suggest no more than a minute between rounds.  That will put this whole workout at about 12 minutes.

Okay, Sonja.  That one was for you.  Your whole readership will be wondering how it went, so remember: you asked for it. :) XO

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    I did the workout this morning as JSarr prescribed me, and it took me 6:50 minutes including a couple of quick breaks. As I was walking to my jazz piano session five minutes later, my legs were wobbling. I love it! I could give 7 minutes of my time to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit.

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