Our Love Story

Stacy over at Stacy Make Cents, asked me to share the story of how Jonathan and I got together. I think it was a great exercise to put into words the story of how we met and fell in love:).

Our Love Story: Sonja and Jonathan

Thrifty Thinking

If you are married and have never written down your own story to pass on, it’s worth the time to sit and write it down. The exercise will give you a pleasant (mostly and hopefully:) trip down memory lane. Writing your story may make a great Valentine’s Day gift as well. And it’s a thrifty gift to boot (I wasn’t originally thinking this would be a thrifty thinking post, but it fits).

Several of our friends, family, and everyone in this blogging community weren’t around 15-16 years ago when Jonathan and I met and became an us, so it may be interesting for some of you to hear how the seeds of our love were planted, how they were cared for and how they blossomed into an ever-growing love.

I think our love story is also very appropriate for those who aren’t yet in a relationship as an example of ONE way that one couple courted to marriage. I am particularly thinking of teenagers. Our way is not the only way, but the story may provide fuel for good conversations, and feel free to share.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy! You can find the story today over at Stacy Makes Sense.

You can read more fun facts about us here.

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    I really enjoyed your story! Thank you for sharing! I love reading the stories Stacy has been posting. I am posting my husband and I’s on my blog tomorrow, hope you can stop by.

    Rebecca thebeccaruthblog.blogspot.com

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