DIY Panty Liners Tutorial

Panty Liners Tutorial

DIY Time

DIY Panty Liners

It’s DIY Time again, where I post something you can do yourself rather than buy, which is a money saver, and can be just plain fun!  Some of these posts are crafts, sewing projects, re-purposed ideas, homemade cleaners, homemade health aids, tutorials, and the like.

Even as I am typing this, I am cringing a bit hoping my dad and all of my husbands friends don’t read this, yet this is a part of life all of us lovely ladies need to address.  And I am sure some of my friends may have thought I have gone off the deep end after posting this.  Yet, I am sure others will think that this was naturally the next step for me since I cloth diapered, use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning and lots of others things, make my own deodorant and astringent, use cloth napkins, re-purpose and the like.  But I’ll get over it, now.

As I said, I used cloth diapers with all three of my kids, yet wasn’t introduced to the mama cloth/reusable sanitary pads and panty liners until my birthday last year (a year ago), when a friend who thought I might like the reusable pads, gifted me with a few.  I thought they were so great that six months later, during Christmas break, I endeavored to make some.

If you are serious, I mean really serious about saving money, leaving God’s earth a little greener, and reducing products in your home made with harsh and potentially irritating chemicals, then maybe you should consider making and/or using reusable panty liners or pads.  If you are already using cloth diapers, then it’s almost a no-brainer to use reusable panty liners or pads.  I will admit, when I used cloth diapers, it took a few years for me to stop using disposable baby wipes and switch over to reusable cloth wipes, so I understand it may take some time to make the transition to reusable pads and panty liners.  Then it took me another three years to consider reusable feminine cloths.

Panty liners are really easy to make, and you don’t even need a real pattern for this tutorial, but you will need to have a pad with wings that is already working for you size-wise.  Also a disposable panty liner would also be nice to have.

You can make these DIY panty liners out of re-purposed items, too.  Flannel is great to use, so old flannel shirts work well.  I used old diaper inserts made out of hemp and others made out of microfiber to make an extra absorbent backing, but you could use old thin towels or washcloths, too.  Or if you want a really thin panty liner, you can skip #1 and #3 of ” The How-to” below.  By the way, I will also be sharing a tutorial in the future for reusable feminine pads/mama cloth.

What You Will Need:

  • flannel
  • matching thread
  • fabric pencil (can use a regular pencil if you don’t care how hard it is to get out)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • pins
  • wash cloth, towel, or diaper inserts (for extra absorbance)
  • pad with wings
  • panty liner (optional)
  • snaps (I used Velcro at first-I don’t recommend this)

The How-to:

  1. Optional, trace out the panty liner on the wash cloth/towel/diaper liner (I will call it a wash cloth from here on).
  2. Use the pad with wings, and trace the shape on the flannel.
  3. If you are using the wash cloth, pin the cut wash cloth to the back side of the flannel.  Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the wash cloth to the back side of the flannel.
  4. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew around the perimeter of the flannel to reinforce the edges so they don’t unravel.  I zig-zag all around the flannel twice.
  5. Attach your snaps on the wings (I enlist my husband here-since this is the most difficult part for me).  And it’s done in a snap!

Clean as you would cloth diapers.  You can soak them by submerging them in water with a squirt of vinegar until they are ready to be washed.  When washing, I have them go through two rinse cycles, and then launder as normal in hot water.

Have you made your own cloth wipes?

Reusuable Cloth Baby Wipes & Wash Cloths

Reusable Baby Wipes



  1. Linda B says

    What kind of snaps do you use? Could you show a photo of that/explain which type works the best?

    • says

      Hi Linda, I use metal snaps, and they are hard for me to put in, so I had my husband helped. I am missing part of my snap tool, and went yesterday to a hardware store and Joann’s to get the part to no avail. When I get it working again, I will post pictures. I totally prefer the snaps for this tutorial though. Much more comfortable.

  2. says

    I really like the pot holder idea. My husband uses my mother and grandmother’s old iron skillets when cooking. Yes, I am spoiled, but I am 4 years older and have little strength in my hands due to carpal tunnel syndrome. However, I do use my sewing machine and this sounds like something he might really use. I ESPECIALLY like the idea of the pot holder storage being solved by simply remaining on the handle! SUPER IDEA. I also have family and friends who use iron skillets and this is a terrific gift idea. God bless you & yours.

    • says

      Hi Evelyn. The skillet pot holder tutorial is super fast and easy, but you’ll probably need someone to flip it through for you when you are done. I love giving these as gifts, too! Blessings to your family, too!

  3. daphne says

    This is so cool. I have Charlie Banana diapers that were given to me from my mom, and I tried using cloth baby wipes as well, but my husband didn’t like using them. I never would have thought to make reusable panty liners, and I am a little shy about repinning these, just like you were nervous about pinning. Thanks so much for overcoming that though. This is so great!!

  4. Ruthie says

    Omgosh! I was just telling my husband this evening that I needed to find a pattern for these!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What are your thoughts on using reusable cloth wipes for the mama cloths? I was thinking about doing that… or maybe making mine a little bigger?

    • says

      Hi Ruthie. You are welcome!! Are you asking about re-purposing your reusable cloth wipes into mama cloths? I say go for it!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Carolyn says

    Snaps aren’t absolutely necessary. I ran across a website (forget which one) that recommends velcro. They don’t slip on cotton panties, but might on other fabrics. One small safety pin solves the problem, and you’ll never know it’s there. (Anyone here old enough to remember a time before self adhesive pads?)

    • says

      Hi Carolyn. I’ve never thought about safety pins. I’ve had some velcro that was particularly scratchy, but it’s not all that way.Thanks for sharing!

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