Crock-Pot or Not Homemade & Healthified Red Robin French Fries

Red Robin French Fries~A Healthy, Tasty and Fresh Way to Make Fries, Baked or Slow Cooked.

Copycat Red Robin French Fries

Slow Cooker Days

Crock-pot Red Robin French Fries


We used to be faithful regulars at Red Robin around our birthdays.  Now it can be fun to go, but it can be hard to find something healthy there.  So on my birthday last week, I didn’t choose to go there this year for the first time in a decade, may be. Instead my family wanted to go to the Olive Garden (I know it’s not that much healthier), and I found a great grilled shrimp with and orange sauce served with risotto, red bell pepper and asparagus. Totally yum. I re-created a crock-pot risotto like it because it was so amazing and I wanted a frugal homemade version. I digress. Anyway, we do love the Red Robin French fries, and we know they can’t be terribly healthy for you. We don’t have French fries that often, so it’s a special treat to eat them.  I decided to start baking the French fries which works really well.   I also wanted to cook them in a crock-pot, so I have this slow cooking alternative to making the French fries which I think works just as well.  Plus it allows me to be away from the kitchen for awhile, which I like: fix it and forget it!

Copycat Red Robin Fries


The Verdict: The Homemade Red Robin Seasoning really makes these a really great substitute for the real things.  We love these and prefer these!

Crock-pot Red Robin Fries

Homemade Red Robin French Fries

Homemade Red Robin French Fries


  • 7 cups potatoes
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • Homemade Red Robin Seasoning or substitute the following 4 ingredients:
  • 2 T garlic powder
  • 2 T Italian Seasoning
  • 1 T paprika
  • 1 t pepper
  • salt to taste


  1. Scrub the potatoes well.
  2. Slice them into potato wedges (I left the skins).
  3. Place the potatoes in the slow cooker.
  4. Stir in the olive oil.
  5. Cook on high for approximately 3 hours or until soft in the center of the fry, stirring every hour. Or cook on low for 5 hours, and stir every hour-hour and 1/2.

Oven Directions:

  1. Bake at 450 degrees for 35-45 minutes in preheated oven, stirring every 10-15 minutes.  Use two baking sheets if needed.

Have you made your own Red Robin-Inspired Seasoning?

Homemade Red Robin Inspired Seasoning

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    • says

      Hi Suzy. It’s worth a shot! It’s a great way to cook a bunch of fries. If you want them crispier, you can broil them for a few minutes at the end of cooking. Thanks for visiting!

  1. says

    French fries in the crock pot is just brilliant! I am all about making things ahead of time. Thanks so much for the seasoning alternative. We don’t get to eat RR often, but we are huge fans of the restaurant. I love the taste of their seasoning, but not the ingredients. Thanks so much! Pinning it now.

  2. says

    I would’ve never thought to make fries in a crockpot! I can’t wait to try them, they look delicious. {stopping by via the party bunch}

  3. Susie McCreary says

    My husband plans on making these for a work hot-dog lunch on Friday :) One thing I noticed in doing research is that many other recipes I found for a homemade Red Robin seasoning call for an instant tomato soup packet (Korr’s, etc)… it seems to be the main base for the seasoning. And it also calls for chili powder and cumin. While I have no doubt that the seasoning recipe provided here tastes wonderful (what combo of these lovely dried herbs and spices do not?), I will try to come up with a combination that appears most frequently from researched “copycat” recipes. If I remember, I will post if they are in fact similar :)

    • says

      Hi Susie. I did see the soup packets in my research. On my original RR Bottle it doesn’t list the dried tomatoes or instant soup packet, so I didn’t put it in. My kids like our homemade version better (they compared it last night when we visited RR for our annual birthday trip there. I hope it went well! Thanks for visiting!

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